Learn How To Cut Dry Ends Like A Pro

All women dream of having beautiful and healthy hair like that of celebrities. Although we dedicate time and money to it, we do not always have the best texture. What to do? We consulted several experts, and they assured us that to revive the damaged hair, you have to cut the dry ends. That doesn’t mean you have to go to the classroom every two to three weeks, because you can do it yourself. Here we are going to teach you an effective technique direct from professional stylists. They don’t normally recommend trimming at home, but tips are the exception.

The difference between long and short hair

Although the same technique is applied, there is a difference in the frequency of the cut depending on the length of your hair. For example, on long straight hair (no layers), it is recommended to cut the dried ends every six weeks. On short layered hair, trimming should be done every three weeks. We are talking about a minimum cut of a half-inch or a millimeter above the split ends. These frequent trims are necessary so that the hair shaft does not open and become porous. When this happens, the hair becomes unruly. For more styling products you use, your mane looks flat and bodyless.

What tools do you need?

The goal is to imitate what professional stylists do in the salon. Start by washing your hair with a specialized hydrating system for the ends. Another master tool you need to cut dry ends is fine to tip scissors. You can buy them at any hair products store, and they sell them in various sizes. Choose one for the ends and practice with it before using it on your hair. You must handle it very carefully as they are sharper than traditional scissors.

Technique for cutting dry ends

Collect freshly washed and untangled hair in a very high and central ponytail. Wet hair is perfect for cutting dry ends as they stick out. They dry faster than the rest of the hair because they don’t have any protein. Make sure the elastic band is tight and place your least dominant hand on the base. Stretch the tail hair up to three inches from the tip. Hold the area with two fingers (index and middle) to separate the banded ends. Take the scissors with your dominant hand and begin to trim the tips pointing inward. Carefully and slowly cut the damaged part until you cover the area. On short hair, you will apply the same technique (except the ponytail) but pointing the scissors laterally.

Author: Gay Capps

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