How To Avoid Split Ends In Your Hair

You walk past a newsstand and see a fashion magazine and shop for it. A gesture that would not go further if I did not give you to think that all the actresses, models, or celebrities that appear have wonderful hair, with a shiny, healthy, strong, and natural appearance and without split ends. But automatically and as a defense, your brain says, they have used Photoshop, if that is, thanks to this program, they all have this wonderful hair.

But on the street, you see girls in the wild, with incredible hair. And of course, on the street, I don’t think they have touch-ups. And without being able to avoid it, unconsciously, you look at your hair and see that your ends are open and look much less healthy than theirs.

You no longer know what to do, you are beginning to despair as you hydrate and cut it, but the hated split ends continue to appear that make your hair lose all its beauty.

Well, calm down, many of us have suffered this evil. So in this post, we want to teach you how to avoid split ends.

We start with these little tricks, which will make your tips the most envied.

Here are our tips to solve this problem that worries us all so much.

Brush your hair lovingly

An important part is the daily brushing of the hair. We should brush it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and for at least one minute.

Treat it with love and care, do not brush hard, your hair needs a lot of love.

Start with the ends, once they are well detangled, you can gradually go up, until you have all your hair well combed and without knots.

Remember to do it on one side and not behind, since, in the back, you will do it with more force and break your hair. And above all, pamper it with each brushing. Choosing the right brush or comb is another point to consider.

If you have long or semi-long hair and thick hair, a large brush is better. If, on the contrary, it is much finer or shorter, the smallest brush or the wide-toothed comb will be the perfect allies.

Conditioner always on your hair

Although we think that the conditioner may be our worst enemy, we are very wrong.

The conditioner, well used, medium to ends, and well rinsed. Make sure that our hair is hydrated and prevents it from tangling so easily. And it goes without saying how great it is when it comes to detangling all your hair. It leaves it so soft that the comb or brush will slip without damaging our hair.

Serum carefully on your tips

Serums are perfect for sealing our tips and avoiding unwanted frizz.

But beware, if your hair has excess seborrhea or better known as fat, forget this step, the serum will cause more sensation and an oily appearance.

Dryers and flat irons

Yes, our hair is unruly and needs heat applied for a great hairstyle, but also remember that the heat directly on our hair causes it to lose hydration.

Therefore, we recommend that you leave them aside or use as little as possible of both. We also refer to curling irons or any other styling weapon that applies heat and absorbs our hydration.

Hydrated hair inside

It is not only important to have hydrated hair on the outside, inside it is almost even more.

Drink plenty of water, and it will help your hair to be very shiny and smooth. And on top of that, your body and your health will thank you.

Drink water, all are advantages.

Beware of excess shampoo

Do not overdo it with the shampoo; use the right one to clean your scalp. Do not think that using more shampoo is synonymous with cleaner hair; the only thing you will achieve is that your hair loses its natural protection.

As our wise grandmothers said, less is more.

Cut healthy to avoid split ends

Starting again from scratch, in this case, is perfect.

So far, our tips on how to avoid split ends, as always, we hope your advice, opinions, and questions.

And remember, if your ends are closed, your hair will shine openly.…

3 Crucial Tips For Damaged Hair

Damaged hair does not heal by itself, but there are some cares that you must give it so that the hair fibers are rebuilt, and your hair is healthy again. Washing, drying, and styling are important, as well as the adequate nutrition of your body and the therapies that you submit to your hair. In addition, you must take care that your hair does not continue to be damaged, so its protection is a key aspect to make it look nice and healthy again.

Pay attention to your nutrition

If your hair looks extremely dry, your body may also lack hydration. It is important that you drink at least two liters of water a day and that you include plenty of healthy fruits, vegetables, and fats, such as olive oil, avocado, and whole grains, in your diet. Walnuts also provide zinc, an essential trace element for hair health.

Comb correctly

Intensive brushing breaks the hair, so you should use a soft-bristled brush and comb your hair gently. Straightening irons give your hair a good look, but in the long run, they damage it. Also, avoid drying your hair with the blow dryer on a daily basis and do not use metallic hair clips, especially those with sharp ends, as they break weakened hair.

Keep it collected

While damaged hair heals, avoid wearing it down. Friction and bumps on brittle hair break it and collect dirt, causing you to wash it more often. Do not wash your hair daily while undergoing therapy to heal it.

If you have damaged hair, follow these tips and apply once a week a natural restorative mask. That of olive oil is one of the most recommended and simple; apply oil to your hands, massage your hair gently, wrap it in a bathing cap, and lie down to sleep.

Learn How To Cut Dry Ends Like A Pro

All women dream of having beautiful and healthy hair like that of celebrities. Although we dedicate time and money to it, we do not always have the best texture. What to do? We consulted several experts, and they assured us that to revive the damaged hair, you have to cut the dry ends. That doesn’t mean you have to go to the classroom every two to three weeks, because you can do it yourself. Here we are going to teach you an effective technique direct from professional stylists. They don’t normally recommend trimming at home, but tips are the exception.

The difference between long and short hair

Although the same technique is applied, there is a difference in the frequency of the cut depending on the length of your hair. For example, on long straight hair (no layers), it is recommended to cut the dried ends every six weeks. On short layered hair, trimming should be done every three weeks. We are talking about a minimum cut of a half-inch or a millimeter above the split ends. These frequent trims are necessary so that the hair shaft does not open and become porous. When this happens, the hair becomes unruly. For more styling products you use, your mane looks flat and bodyless.

What tools do you need?

The goal is to imitate what professional stylists do in the salon. Start by washing your hair with a specialized hydrating system for the ends. Another master tool you need to cut dry ends is fine to tip scissors. You can buy them at any hair products store, and they sell them in various sizes. Choose one for the ends and practice with it before using it on your hair. You must handle it very carefully as they are sharper than traditional scissors.

Technique for cutting dry ends

Collect freshly washed and untangled hair in a very high and central ponytail. Wet hair is perfect for cutting dry ends as they stick out. They dry faster than the rest of the hair because they don’t have any protein. Make sure the elastic band is tight and place your least dominant hand on the base. Stretch the tail hair up to three inches from the tip. Hold the area with two fingers (index and middle) to separate the banded ends. Take the scissors with your dominant hand and begin to trim the tips pointing inward. Carefully and slowly cut the damaged part until you cover the area. On short hair, you will apply the same technique (except the ponytail) but pointing the scissors laterally.