8 Things You Should Stop Doing With Your Hair

To have good hair, we almost always go to the easiest resource: go to the beauty salon and wait for them to do wonders in one sitting. But many times the problem of not having healthy hair is in respecting certain rules (nobody likes them, but if they work, you have to follow them!), And if you don’t want to live forever with burnt ends, there are certain things you should change your lifestyle.

These are the eight worst mistakes you can make to your mane:

Combing it excessively

This is one of the most common mistakes in women. Since that saying about combing hair 100 times to give it shine was invented, many girls followed it to the letter, damaging many strands. The best way to detangle your hair? Comb it with your fingers, instead of using a brush; Also, if you want to know a trick, the best time to style it is in the morning. While you sleep, your hair accumulates natural oils, and if you pass your hands first to untangle it, you will bring that shine to the rest of your locks.

In addition to this, you also have to know how to style it. If you can’t avoid using a hairbrush, you should untangle it from the middle to the ends, not starting from the scalp. If you start from the root, you will find several knots that will make it difficult to style and will do more damage to your hair.

Constant coloring

It is good that we like to follow certain trends such as worn tips or colored locks, but if you want healthy hair, you have to get that obsession with dyes out of your head! The paint damages your hair even more than the heat from dryers and curlers, due to the number of chemicals they contain. Try to dye it maximum two times a year, and you will see that your hair will grow much softer and brighter.

Using ponytail

Having your hair tied is ideal for exercising, but use it as little as possible. Using a ponytail creates constant pressure on the same side of your scalp, weakening it and preventing it from growing. If you love this hairstyle and you don’t want to stop using your hair like that, look for other options to tie it, such as bobby pins or scrunchie.

Apply all possible hair products

Even if you think you are helping your hair to look better, you are actually damaging it more. Gels, silicone, sprays, serums, and all those styling accessories you use contain so many chemicals in their content that it is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Always choose those that have organic ingredients and are based on oils such as argan, which serves for the growth and health of your hair.


If you have this habit, you can say goodbye to beautiful hair forever. Cigarette smoking increases the dryness of the scalp and increases its chance of breaking. So not only do you cause terrible damage to your body, but no hair repair product can fix the havoc caused by smoking.

Do not maintain your equipment

If you have been using the same styling tools for years and never clean them, you are making a fatal mistake. (When was the last time you removed accumulated hair from your brush?). Your straighteners, combs, and brushes accumulate a lot of germs, and by not keeping them, you are bringing those germs to your hair!

Poor diet

Everything you eat is reflected in your hair because it is composed of collagen and protein, both obtained from healthy fats and the proteins you consume on a daily basis. To make your hair look like something out of a shampoo commercial, try to eat plenty of vegetables and foods like nuts, avocados, eggs, coconut, lettuce, and fish like salmon that are rich in antioxidants and Omega 3s.

Combing wet hair

This is another of the mistakes we make the most. When the hair is damp, it is when it is most fragile, and if we untangle it with a fine comb, we will finish with all the split strands. Detangle it in the shower if necessary, but using a well-separated bristle comb.

If you escape these mistakes, in less than you imagine, you will see positive changes in your hair. These are basic but effective tips!

Author: Gay Capps

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